If the horsey nature of this site so far has bored you to tears, try some of my written work. Everyone needs an outlet so they don't explode.

New material last posted 5/9/04

"Give Your Burdens to the Lord", a true story. If you're not overly religious, don't let that put you off. Even religion has its funny side;

"Baby Blue Ram", another true story, deals with the independent antics of a six month old pick up;

"Sunset Caper" is another horse story, but, again, is the truth told in fiction form. (I once Aced a fiction writing course with these true stories. All it takes is a weird life.) I admit it. This one has a lot of horsing around;

"Air Fluff" a totally fictional humorous story, thank heavens! All my babysitting jobs stayed reasonably sane;

"Succotash", a totally true humorous story about a very real and dear teacher, now deceased, and a (renamed) best friend;

"Danger at Arm's Length", another true animal story. The joke this time is on me.

"Campaign Junky", another true story, this time a humorous detailing of election foibles.

"In 25 Words or Less", a published feature on how to write a classified ad, sort of..;

"Charge?" is a true humorous incident from a family reunion held in the Rockies.

"Why I Write" is a response to a philosophical question once posted on the now defunct The Bloomsbury Cafe forum.

"Mountain Lover", a poem generated by a Rocky Mountain camping expedition that first grew its own wings, then became a song loosly patterned after the Andean folk music of the Inca Indians;

Summer Circles: The Saga of Travels Far Woman, the start of my first novel. Fictitious humorous romances are legion, but this one is a humor-laden adventure story, as well. Horses are not entirely absent, but not the main focus, by any means. (BTW, as wildly unlike my own life as Despina's is, the horses she talks about and takes with her ARE my real herd members, personalities intact. I picked on SOLD ANIMALS, however, as she does not return with them... But the real-life owners of the animals have NOTHING to do with the characters in the book. In fact, I don't think the horses were sold when I began, but since it is now several years later, things change.)

I always thought my first book would be about the horses, and even had a title, My Horses Call Me "Mommy". Imagine my surprise to find in August, 2001, just days before the end of summer vacation, that an entirely different book was rattling around inside my head, demanding to be let out. It could at least have waited until the NEXT summer vacation, or attempted its exit at the start.

This novel is posted on livejournal, and clicking on the title takes you to the first part of the story. If you'd rather read it in chapters instead of a long roll, click on the calendar off to the side and load the Dec. 31 entry. At the bottom, by selecting "Next Day", you can move to the next chapter. Each entry has a place for feedback, and I sure would appreciate some.

You can get an overview of what is out there by choosing "Calendar". A list of all the chapter titles is displayed by month, in order by date, if you click on "view subjects."

The second novel was attempted in response to the 2002 National Novel Writing Month, which runs from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30 each year. It got stalled in the middle (a bit over the 50.000 word mark), but basically is a continuation of Despina's adventures. She leads an unusually lively life, full of many twists and turns.

When I suddenly decided to do this, on Oct. 31, 2002, I had no thought time for coming up with a title, so this one is still open for suggestions. I thought something would come to me as I wrote during the month, but here it is yet another year later with my mind as blank as ever. Feel free to suggest titles.

To read Sequel: The Further Saga of Travels Far Woman as far as is written on it, the best way is to go through the calendar feature, as this one has not been reversed, so the last entry posted is the first you read, which is rather tough on suspense, continunity, etc. in a novel.

This novel comes with word count at the bottom of the posts, as the NANO WRI MO stuff considers a 50,000 word creation to be a "novel" to get credit for completion within the month. In the case of Sequel, that left our intrepid heroine somewhere en medias res her adventures.

But, rest assured, she survives, as evidenced by the 2003 NaNo Wri Mo novel, In the Desert: The Saga of Travels Far Woman, Part III in which Despina heads out on yet another wild adventure. This one actually IS COMPLETE, but I keep thinking of what ELSE should have happened in it... so write to me how you feel at the end of it, if you'd care to... It turns out that 50,000 words is really a pretty SHORT novel.

But, if you played games as a kid where you ran around the neighborhood as cowboys and Indians, and had roles for both the men and the horses, why just press here, pardner! And ride the range with me, compliments of a pretty patient teacher, Bill Cornelius, now principal of the largest high school in southern Iowa.

Author, horse breeder, photographer, videographer, and teacher Sandra Hugus, with her traveling buddy, Pandemonium Sweet Dreams


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