Every family has their collection of "characters" and fascinating stories from the ancestors. Click the skeleton to read about one family's way of handling its most colorful character. This site is INTERACTIVE. Help me type and add your favorite family story here.

Archival photos of the entrants add flavor. The first one is of my Uncle Frank 12/99 reading about "The Blue Light Special"

The Pretzel Gang, famed desperados, 1997,
Russ Hugus, Peggy Hugus, Harold Hugus, Bob Hugus, Wilma Hugus.

"Dale Orton Hugus", my father. How to summarize him, when he really deserves an entire book? He was strict, but fun-loving, and did everything with enthusiasm. He would cry while watching an episode of "Lassie", but you'd better pretend not to notice. He only knew one way to live -- flat out. Whatever you were doing, you gave it your all. How do YOU remember him?

"Hugus Fruit Farm", the family farm in my lifetime. Focus is on my grandmother and grandfather on my father's side. It starts with a lovely history of the farm written by Joan Smith Hugus. How do YOU remember it or them?

"Ralph Everett Hugus", my tallest cousin, a true "white knight" who will gladly help out wherever he is. How do YOU remember him?

"Louise T. Snyder", my grandmother on my mother's side. She raised eight children, yet loved music and poetry and books. She was extremely sharp-witted, and as likely to sing you the answer to a question as speak to you in plain words. How do YOU remember her?

"Jean Snyder Sanders", my aunt on my mother's side. She loved movies and cooking and was extremely sharp-witted. How do YOU remember her?

"Rosalie Todtenbier Snyder", my aunt through marriage on my mother's side. She loved cooking and animals and was an extremely warm-hearted and delightful true French Southern Belle of a lady. How do YOU remember her?

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