Dr. Pat More Photos
Patricia Magle, M.D.
Family Practice Physician, AAFP
Community Health Centers of
    Southern Iowa, CHCSI  (Map)
web: www.chsci.org
email: pmagle@chcsi.org
Dr. J More Photos
James S. Jones, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science
Director of the Ackerley Scholars Program
    at Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa

web: csit.graceland.edu/~jsjones
email: jsjones@graceland.edu
Mark More Photos
Mark & Erica Field Jones
Iowa City, Iowa
Mark - Elementary Art Teacher

YouTube: Student Artwork
Twitter: MrJonesArt
email: mfjones319@gmail.com
Becky More Photos
Becky & Aaron Scott
Des Moines, Iowa
Becky - Personal Services Coordinator
    at Easter Seals

Facebook: Becky Scott on Facebook
Check out our
Galapagos Trip
photos (June'07)

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