Lava Ridge Poteka
and her July 4th son, Panemonium Fire Cracker


Lava Ridge Poteka and her son
PtHA Champion Pandemonium Java.



Lava Ridge Poteka

PtHA P-8761, Premium III

chestnut overo mare (particolor, sabino)

70-30 color pattern

14.1 hands


100% Arabian

Black and white photo at age 2, bucking the day she left for Pandemonium.





Sire: POTIF AHRA 3942, by LATIF and out of ZEPPO. Gladys Brown Edwards called him "hard to fault."

From an artical called Antez (448), THE VERSATILE ARABIAN Harara X Moliah, foaled 1921, author not given, from "The Horse Lover" Apr/May '51, comes the following about Potif, "POTIF, grandson of Antez and grandson of Ronek. The sire of Potif is *Latif, a son of Antez. Here again the blood of Antez breeds on, carrying Antez versatility and quality. Potif is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Palmer of Portland Ore. This horse has made some notable wins in the show rings of the Northwest. Observers feel that the blood of Skowronek through Ronek complements the Antez line of horses."

Dam: URONEKA, AHRA 22538, by AARONEK by INDRAFF, and out of UDIRAH by UTEZ by WITEZ II*, one of the best-known Arabians to the general public due to his World War II story.


Champion Potif from an ad


Lava Ridge Saneynah, her first foal, a filly.

Lava Ridge Poteka was the most marked parti-color purebred Arabian mare in the country at that time. Written up in many Arabian books and articles as one of the most spotted of the parti-colors, especially by Arabian expert Gladys Brown Edwards in The Arabian Horse World. "Tiki" was refused registration when her application called her "gray", but both parents were chestnut, a genetic impossibility. Of course, who at that time knew what a foal marked like her really was? Nobody had SEEN one! So, a misguided attempt to describe what they were seeing before them led to her rejection. At that time, a brand new tool to verify parentage was just starting, blood typing. Kits were supplied, but the then owners of her parents felt that their reputations as breeders, which were the bond of a gentleman, had always been good enough in the past, but were now being besmearched. (Not the people in the ad pictured.)

When the Russian imports led to the opening up of the registry's books to older horses, Lava Ridge Poteka, now a known quantity, could have again applied for registration. Backed by Gladys Brown Edwards, the groundwork was laid, but the lack of 10 living, ungelded sons of Potif to be bloodtyped to verify, and the then owner's inability to risk the $500 application fee led to her continuation as a documented, but unregistered in AHRA phenomenon.

After she was rejected by AHRA, her then owner applied for IAHA papers, where she was again rejected, as BOTH of her parents were purebred. IAHA is only available to animals who have ONE parent registered with AHRA.

Using the same materials for registration, but submitting for registration in the Pinto Horse Association of America finally documented her bloodlines officially in a sanctioned registry, who also did not know what to call her that was in line with her genetic heritage, but at least "overo" was a color that was recognized and shared with other horses.

Throughout her life, she was bred to purebred Arabian stallions, never having a single foal that had more than a blaze and white feet, and to Pinto stallions, where several of her get had outstanding color patterns. She produced two fillies during her lifetime, Lave Ridge Saneynah, her first foal, sired by a purebred, and about as markingless as a foal could be, and fifteen years later, Pandemon Punctuation, by a tobiano Pinto, and as well-marked a tobiano as one of those could be.


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