The purebred mares at PANDEMONIUM include the top producer of the farm, GAI CAROUSEL, fertile into her 20's, now 27, who produced top Pintos in her early years and then gave the farm its best purebreds, two of which are in the broodmare band, the show winner PANDEMONIUM COQET, and her full sister PANDEMONIUM CHIME, both of whom are establishing themselves as top producing broodmares in their own right with the SX OMEGA daughters CREM O'PANDEMONIUM, PANDEMONIUM MOCHA, PANDEMONIUM OMNIA, Pandemonium Shalom, and OSOBAY PANDEMONIUM , the last two of whom have been sold. Coqet also has produced one lovely bay daughter by Mizan Taj Halim, PANDEMONIUM CORTAJ.

AWSOM PANDEMONIUM, their full sister who shows tremendous promise, has been sold, bred, then shown for the first time, earning Reserve Champion Mare at the Iowa Arabian Fall Show, the first time her owner had ever shown a horse.

The straight Egyptian lost in March of 2000, PSA ALLEGRA, has left one PANDEMONIUM DEBUT Pinto daughter PANDEMONIUM ALEGRIA, who is a tall sweetheart, to carry on for her.

The high percentage Arabian Pinto mares are sired by PtHA Champion JAY DEE, his son PANDEMONIUM DESTINY, or one of the two purebreds recently standing at PANDEMONIUM from their daughters or granddaughters. One other Pinto line comes in via PANDEMONIUM ANGEL++, a JAY DEE granddaughter and PtHA Champion and Legion of Merit in her own right. She's amply represented by PANDEMONIUM ANGELINA, a relief since we lost her at age 21. Angel's granddam Hamorita and Fantasia's dam Nazons Fancy are the only other Pinto blood found in the herd that is not from purebred Arabian lines. There is a LOT of that, formerly called parti-color, and now referred to as sabino! (I am not entirely convinced they are identical things, as some of the characteristics attributed to sabino in the most extensive studies do not hold up in my experience over the years with the parti-color. Eventually, sabino may be divided into more color patterns, as we identify more of the equine genome and begin to understand the forces at play better.) On one point, all the geneticists' research agrees -- horses can inherit tobiano "overo", and "sabino" all at the same time, blending the characteristics of each, and when bred to solid colored mates, reproduce those patterns independently.

PANDEMONIUM DE NADA was the oldest of Jay's daughters still here until 2002 when she sold to Colorado. She finally replaced herself with her eleventh filly, first Pinto filly, Pandemon Forget-Me-Not. Her four previous Pintos were colts.

The delightfully feminine PANDEMONIUM FANTASIA finally gave me the ideal Pinto filly in 2000, FLEUR D'PANDEMONIUM and is now a starter show mare for a 14 year old girl.

Full sisters PANDEMON CANTA LIBRE and PANDEMONIUM CARIÑOSA are the partbred daughters of GAI CAROUSEL and have amply replaced themselves many times over, with the splashy PANDEMONIUM CANELA, the bold moving PANDEMONIUM SERENA, the good-minded PANDEMONIUM ARPEGGIO, and the show quality PANDEMONIUM ADAGIO.

PANDEMON PUNCTUATION, her dam's lone Pinto filly in 15 years, now has moved to South Dakota, where she is the gentle older riding mare for a 74 year old. She's been much more liberal in giving me that combination. The green broke PANDEMONIUM PARADISE, sold from a lease to Colorado with a Pinto filly marked like her at side, and the super friendly PRIDE OF PANDEMONIUM, backs her up here.

The lovely old Kamim daughter KAMANA was represented in both the purebreds by PANDEMONIUM HOPE, her last foal, and in the partbreds by PANDEMONIUM KARESS. Both are very sweet-tempered and friendly to people. Both have contributed to the breeding program of Robin Haring, Trinity Horse & Pony Place, Cambria, IA, who recently bought Hope and had leased Karess for her 2002 foal by ROL Raven. Karess, one of two Destiny daughters still on the farm, leaves as soon as she is bred to Pandemonium Debut.

HAAP LOUISE is also Destiny's. Her daughter PANDEMONIUM LUCRETIA is one of the mainstays for visitors to ride.


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