Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt

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Welcome to relatives, friends and fellow Internet surfers. This page shares just a little bit of information about Neil's Dall sheep hunt, August of 97. Neil has hunted and trapped since a wee boy on an Iowa farm. At age 23 he moved to Alaska to further his hunting range.

This last August was a third Dall sheep hunt for him and a success. He went with three other men and was flown to the headwater of the 70 mile River Northeast of Fairbanks Alaska by 40-Mile Air. They made base camp in very rugged landscape and hiked in and up and over for miles. All hunters were successful in getting a Dall sheep of their very own, despite the bears. Neil spent an unplanned night alone on Mt.Sorenson (another story).

Neil is doing the taxidermy work on all of the sheep. He sent the hides to New Method Fur Dressing Co. in San Francisco for tanning and received his forms for mounting from Jonas Supply Co. in Colorado.

We would be glad to share more information with you and would appreciate any comments from friends and new surfer buddies.

view from Mt. Sorenson

kneeling with caped sheep Neil roasting sheep Neil packing out standing with caped sheep

hunters with sheep horns on their heads fighting for dominationhunters in front of bush plane  

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Neil and Susan Stanley

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