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Welcome to DrMIDI.com.

This site was designed to expand our outreach beyond our local teaching facility, reaching students across the world with our music instruction. We offer several venues of music instruction. The most popular is downloading music lessons on video. The video download page currently offers seven lessons ranging from beginner to intermediate. The first download is free, to allow you to experience how it works. The entire course is also available on DVD at substantial savings. Once a student has completed the course, we have private instructors available via webcam to continue their study.

DrMIDI.com also sells things. In order to help supplement the costs of our music school we offer a variety of musical related items. DrMIDI.com logo gear has become very popular. It is available at the DrMIDI Store. We will soon be launching a site called MusiGifts.com. It will offer musically related gifts and household items. Our newest site is the Affiliate Musician Mall. The Mall features items from other web-based partners as well as games, jokes, tools and other resources for musicians.

Of course, being named DrMIDI.com, we get requests for MIDI files. Musical Intrument Digital Interface (the MIDI format) is used to control synthesizers and computer based musical components in a recording-performance environment. Our MIDI file page will direct you to the best sites we've found on the web. Our recording studio, BIMT Productions, has many examples of our work on the MP3 page.

If you have any questions or need help with our site please feel free to Ask The Doctor!



The Bergh Institute of Music Technology dooes not require students to sell candy nor do any other fund raising events. We are funded only by tuition, and this web site. Sometimes we need occasional help in raising funds for expensive musical instruments & equipment. If you have been blessed with abundant financial resources, and would like to donate to our school to help us, we would appreciate your contribution.

If you cannot donate, but would like to help support our students, buy something for YOU! Download lessons, purchase DVDs, t-shirts or gifts from our Affiliate Mall. We get a small commission from all sales with an originating link from our site, so next time you need to make an online purchase at Walmart, Target, or any of our other affiliates, link to them from the Affiliate Mall and shop! BIMT also recycles old pianos if you have one!



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